Why LED outshines traditional neon in the workplace

Whether it’s due to a fascination for nineties nostalgia or a craving to party after an isolating couple of  years, the world has seen a whole new admiration for neon in recent years. 

As well as brightening up the atmosphere of a business, neon signs have the potential to create an illusion of space, whilst influencing the way that customers think and feel. With careful planning, this form of signage creates a highly visible, long-lasting and beneficial element to any company wall. If you’re thinking about jumping onto this popular trend and adding a brand new, neon addition to your space, there are a few reasons why  we think you should consider LED instead of traditional neon components:

An affordable alternative:

Traditional neon signage doesn’t come cheap. Thanks to an expensive array of elements used within the production process, it means that customers often have to pay for their creation to be made overseas. 

We’ve been able to find practical solutions to these costly practices though; replacing glass with acrylic and gas with light emitting diodes. Their lower running voltage additionally creates a much more energy-efficient solution, though this doesn’t affect brightness- giving you the bonus of an affordable product with an illuminating effect.


At Fired Up Technologies, we create bespoke LED neon pieces that leave long lasting impressions.


Flexibility and control:

Every stage of the LED neon production process allows for an added amount of control, from design down to everyday usage. When it comes to the traditional route, you’re often limited with bespoke customisation and personal touches. With the inclusion of intricate materials such as glass, traditional neon signs don’t have the literal flexibility that LED options can offer (they instead include tubes made from a softer lead glass) that can be moulded by hand.

Additionally, our LED neon signs allow for adjusted brightness, colour, dimming and strobing which can be controlled remotely. Digital drivers such as these are not an available option when it comes to neon gas; so you’re limited to the same, unchanging design.

Longer lasting:

LED neon signs outshine traditional neon signage  when it comes to longevity. Whilst the average lifespan of a traditional neon sign comes to around 30,000 hours, LED performance proves much more effective, with 100,000+ hours in comparison. 

LED bulbs are also much easier to replace than neon gas (which takes a professional). Neglect becomes an easy option, which is why you’ll often catch neon gas signage looking burnt out, and faded. Any malfunctions with traditional neon signage additionally require immediate attention- something not everyone has access to. 


A recent project we carried out for KAL Huddersfield, that included an eye-catching LED neon ceiling installation.


Environmentally friendly and safe:

Neon gas might look impressive in action, but its effects can be fatal, especially when it comes to the environment. The element is classed as ‘toxic waste’ and exposure to it can replace oxygen and lead to suffocation. Other compounds such as glass can make traditional neon signage dangerous to handle- if smashed, you run the risk of breathing in the hazardous gas, as well as injuring yourself on any sharp pieces.

LED bulbs are also becoming recyclable, so your company can take pride in environmentally friendly benefits by using them.


Caption: A LED neon installation we created for Go Jump In- an idea that started out as an illustration which we were able to bring to life.


We like to stay ahead of the curve at Fired Up Tech, and there may be no better way to do that than to apply contemporary trends to your business, allowing for a modern, current appeal that your competitors might not have.

If you’d like any further advice on how lighting can benefit your business, we’d be happy to help. Talk to us today to find out what we can do for you.