ValoJump® launch new game sports based game – Jumpball

ValoJump - Jumpball

The sun has set but the city of Tokyo is basking in neon lights. The whole arena is holding their breath, the drone carrying the ball flies closer and drops it in front of you. You give a last focused stare at your adversary knowing that you only have 60 short seconds so you kick the ball with all your might. The crowd explodes!! Speed radar shows 320 km/h, your opponent barely manages to stop the ball from soaring past them and kicks it right back at you at record speed.

It is safe to say that over a year of extensive game development has been well worth it. The end result is a completely different ball game!! This awesome new two-player trampoline sports game is a great addition to the existing game repertoire for the IAAPA Brass Ring Award winning ValoJump® setup! With each new product and game we develop,the visitor play-value is never far from our minds. We figured that high satisfaction from the visitors, maximises repeatability for our customers. In other words, Jumpball ? much like all our original mixed reality games ? has been designed to be fun even when played more times than you care to remember! Finally, all the games on ValoJump® are played one person at the time, so there is automatically physical distancing between people. ValoJump® can even be rendered completely touchless, making the game play also hygienic and thus safer during the COVID-19 restrictions.