Having the correct remote working setup has never been more important

As businesses deal with the uncertainty over Coivd-19, it’s essential to adopt technology to facilitate remote working, maintain productivity, service levels and the quality of communication.

Adopt the correct technology now to help in the short-term and to support the long-term success of your business.

Current events have accelerated the need for many businesses to have a remote working strategy. However, for many businesses, operations will be suffering due to their staff not being equipped with the correct technology.

The need for high quality remote working technology has soared in the past few days and we’re here to help guide you through the technology required to ensure the quality of your business communications and productivity levels are maintained. Operating remotely can have massive benefits for business but only if businesses give their workers the correct tools and equipment they need.

Below are pieces of technology we have all used personally and would recommend to remote workers.

While there are lots of virtual tools that support remote working at scale such as Zoom, Gsuite, and Slack to name a few, the hardware and technology required to ensure a quality remote working experience is often overlooked. So, we’ve put together the below list of technology and considerations around each.


Most remote workers will be currently opting for the simplest option; your computer’s built-in webcam which is almost certainly awful picture quality and in low-light situations very flat and hard to see. The good news is that there is a wide array of webcam solutions ranging from £50-£300 that boast far superior video resolution than built in webcams, better light sensing and options to change the field of view allowing you to run a video call face-to-face or as a workshop where participants need a view of an entire room.

Speaker Phones and Headsets

We’ll run through the different options available to remote workers when it comes to speaker phones and audio. On board or webcam speakers are simply not adequate, often creating echoey feedback and a tinny sound.

Headsets can provide a great solution. They can either be wired or even a wireless re-chargeable option. You’re likely to get all-day battery life with much better audio quality than from your computer speakers.

If you want a step up in sound quality, and/or don’t feel like wearing a headset, you’ll want to opt for a speaker phone. These can range in price and quality, of course. You can opt for having a wired speaker phone or a Bluetooth speaker phone. The added benefit of a Bluetooth speaker phone is its portability; allowing you to take/make great audio quality calls no matter the settings.


If you’re kitting out your home office, you’ve likely selected the best camera and audio solution available. However, you might not have spent that much time considering which display to use.

But it’s important to find a display that fits your needs. Why?

Not only will you be using it every day, but it can also impact your work and how you do it. For example, if you need the monitor for photo editing or design work, you’ll want a screen with impeccable resolution and colour. And since you’ll be at your desk for multiple hours, an adjustable computer monitor lets you set the screen height so you can work comfortably.

The Future of Remote Working

The importance of remote working will continue to increase as more people want to operate remotely. Having the right technology will accelerate this transition and within 20 years the majority of people will be remote workers.

Companies adopting this technology are future-proofing their business to cope with the demands of the modern workforce and future unexpected events that may occur.

Need Help Setting Up Your Workforce With The Correct Remote Working Tech?

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