Video Conferencing Equipment

Video conferencing brings people together without having to bring them together. Saving both time and money, it is fast becoming the preferred way for businesses to communicate.

Key benefits

There are many benefits of video conferencing. The financial and efficiency cost savings, by facilitating remote attendance, should get the attention of any business. Additionally, meetings can be more ad-hoc, involve more remote employees, increase engagement and are also much better for the environment.

Key things to consider

Consider how much time and money you currently spend travelling to and from meetings. How many meetings do you not have because of logistical or cost restrictions? Could employees be more engaged by meeting more often? How many static and remote locations could you link up?

Huddle/Small to Medium Meeting Rooms

Huddle spaces are becoming more popular all the time. Being able to arrange and have a ?face-to-face? video meeting at short notice speeds up business and improves rapport. Medium size meeting rooms can also be better utilised by having video-conferencing capabilities in addition to the current usage of the room.

Large Meeting Rooms

Large meeting rooms are fast becoming multi-use spaces and video conferencing fits perfectly into those spaces. Great conferencing solutions ensure that everyone in the room can be seen and heard with crystal clarity. Coupled with an interactive display, your room can be transformed into a truly collaborative space, allowing you to communicate, entertain and train in one room.

Cloud based

There are many cloud based operating systems and many different video-conferencing suites. Don?t worry, there are video conferencing suites that work with the operating system you already use. This means that there is no new learning needed and you can use your current operating system without having to have an implementation phase.

On premise based

We understand that a public, cloud-based communications solution is not for everyone. It is possible to have an on-premise solution that runs on your own network, without accessing a public cloud server. Point-to-point and remote attendees can be ?present? and can securely send files without anything leaving your own secure network.

Our experts say

Video conferencing brings people together without bringing them together. Saving both time and money, video conferencing is fast becoming the preferred way for businesses to communicate.