Product Description

ValoClimb® is the worlds first augmented climbing wall that comes with several interactive games. Games contain dozens of modes and plenty of different levels.

Key benefits

  • Accessible platform that invites anyone, from the youngest kids to hard training adults, to have an amazing time and get great physical exercise. Even the audience is easily captivated by the games.
  • People often spontaneously participate by cheering and shouting instructions providing significant repeatability and high play-value, for any indoor location.
  • Games are constantly updated, and we come up with at least one brand new game each year.
  • Presents facility owners with the opportunity to conduct data driven business decisions. Meaning that the game platform comes with cloud service that allows the park owners access user data, analytics and control the video memories that are shared to customers

Product Specification

ValoClimb Technical Drawing
  • Each unit is connected to our cloud service allowing easy maintenance and monitoring.
  • The service features:
  • System scheduling, so that it turns on and off automatically
  • Manage ads shown on wall
  • Enable/disable games and applications
  • View statistics
  • Get automatic updates
  • Video sending for customers
  • Five pre-installed games
  • Mounting pylon, with cover
  • Short-throw projector
  • Depth sensor and video camera
  • Dust and impact protection
  • Adjustable tilt and rotation
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Unique ValoVision motion tracking software
  • Advanced motion tracking with ValoVision software
  • All required cable and consumables
  • Installation (3 days)