SimVision VR

Product Description

SimVision VR is the ultimate virtual reality experience. It offers a large selection of games that enables many users to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality gaming!

Key benefits

  • Creating a new, unique social experience for large groups.
  • Accessible for all ages and abilities with a focus on bringing people together through active fun competition.
  • Perfect for events, team building activities and parties, with up to 50 users able to partake in a live tournament at one time.
  • Competition leader-boards, external audio and viewing screens ensure spectators are part of the live action.
  • SimVision VR is equally enjoyable for the single player with over 30 different games to enjoy.
  • Up to 8 pods can be installed alongside each other at one location.

Product Specification

  • All that is required to install SimVision VR is a station structure with minimum inner measurements of 2.8 m (h) x 2.8m (w) x 2.5m (d).
  • SimVision VR includes the following technology in one pod.
  • Sensors
  • Auto belay
  • Router
  • Touch screen
  • Central control unit
  • Station computer
  • Viewing screens, sound system and theming
  • All required cable and consumables
  • Features added into existing pod (1 day installation)
  • Full solution available including pod frame and structure (2 day installation)