Room Booking Systems

Room booking systems allow for a more efficient use of your usable space. Rooms can be booked in advance or last minute, with all users able to see availability in real time.

Key benefits

A good room booking system improves your office experience and efficiency. Integration into your office environment is simple and things such as meeting interruptions, double bookings and no-shows can be eliminated. Meetings can be booked via the room display or via a desktop or mobile phone. Displays use e-ink and can have a battery life of up to 2 years. Voice control integration makes booking and extending meetings, and getting reservation information, even easier.

Key things to consider

Increased collaboration, flexibility and connectivity in the workplace have all led to an increase in the use of meeting spaces and breakout areas. Ensuring that those spaces are being used efficiently is important, otherwise they are wasted space that is being paid for. Consider how many rooms you currently have for meetings and whether they are being used effectively. For example, if you can use bookable hours more efficiently instead of having lots of empty hours, you could look to repurpose some of those spaces. Your staff should be able to see when meetings are available to allow them to plan and hold meetings more efficiently.

Number of rooms

The more rooms that are used for meetings, the more use there is for a booking system. However, room bookings could be over several locations and so even a small number of meeting rooms could benefit from a multi-location overview. Do you know how efficiently all your meeting spaces are being used? Could those rooms be repurposed to save costs or increase revenue?

How to control

Room booking functionalities come preloaded onto specific hardware but can also be integrated with Smart TVs, digital signage and mobile devices. With a range of ways to control bookings, making the best use of your meeting spaces couldn?t be easier.

Central control

Rooms can be booked and controlled via a central booking system that integrates with your calendar. Users can quickly and easily see an overview of which rooms are available and book them directly. Administrator controls allow for complete central control of all spaces.

Remote control

It?s not always possible to have access to a central booking system. We are not always in front of our desktops. Room control systems can be controlled remotely via a mobile phone or tablet device. You can even send a chat message to the system and the system will book the room for you.

Room analytics

Having a regular report on your company?s bookable usage allows you to check which spaces have been popular and which have been vacant. You can see if there have been no-shows to bookings and whether the amount of time booked was fully used or extended. You may find that you need less rooms allocated for meetings, or maybe you need more. You will also be able to see who books meetings and what the attendance rate was.

Our experts say

Room booking systems help improve workplace visibility and employee productivity. Giving employees the ability to?book rooms with confidence due to real-time room availability viewing and booking. Meeting room booking software increases time efficiencies by eliminating any margin for wasted time or space.