Retail Projection

Sometimes a traditional display doesn’t work for your requirements or available space. Projectors can offer a credible alternative option.

Key benefits

There are some specific benefits that projectors have over standard displays. Large format displays can get very expensive, so projection can be a much more cost effective choice. The size of the viewable display can also be modified with projectors to suit the space and audience. Projectors are very portable and so can be moved to different rooms as required. Projectors also allow for walls to be multi-functional. If your wall is already used to display information, or it is not flat, a ceiling-mounted retractable screen can be installed.

Key things to consider

Be sure, when choosing a projector, that you also consider the surface to which your image will be projected. The colour, texture and how flat the surface is are some obvious considerations, but also think about if you want a fixed surface or a retractable one. The brightness of your projector is a really important consideration, particularly if there are other light sources in the room. Decide on the resolution that you will need. This could be standard definition through to high definition. When choosing a projector, you should also consider what connectivity you require, such as USB and HDMI connections.

Lamp projection

Projection lamps need to be replaced according to the lamp life of the projector. This is typically between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. Lamps can start to dim as they reach the end of their life. As lamps need to be replaced, consider how you will replace them if the projector is installed in a high-up or difficult to access location. If your projector will not have heavy usage and will not be installed in a really bright location, then a lamp projector may be for you.

Laser projection

Laser projectors will typically have a lifespan of around 20,000 hours, with no changing of lamps needed. They tend to be brighter than lamp projectors and can give a better resolution of display. All this will usually mean a higher initial cost than a lamp projector, so consider your needs carefully and ask an expert if you are unsure about which projector type is best for you.


If you?ve ever seen a building lit up by projection, you will know how cool it looks. Projection mapping can be created for buildings as well as smaller objects. Providing the objects are static, projection mapping can be programmed to instantly and continually change a design. This can add a great bespoke element to attract and engage people.

Our experts say

Projection technology enables retailers?to incorporate engaging in-store displays. Businesses now have the flexibility to capture the interest of end-users through innovative content; capable of being projected?onto uneven surfaces or objects for ultimate impact.