Ludus Interactive Wall

Product Description

The Ludus Interactive Gaming Wall motivates people of all ages to become more physically active, by harnessing cutting-edge gaming technologies to innovate traditional sports and make physical activity and learning more accessible and engaging. The Ludus Interactive Gaming Wall is available in three different options; projection, indoor LED and outdoor LED meaning there is a system for every environment.

Key benefits

  • Fun for all – Makes physical activity a fun for all ages and abilities hosting games relevant to a variety of sports and suitable for group participations with a super easy to use intuitive menu.
  • Sport specific – Can be used for sport specific training drills and coaching.
  • Educational – Make lessons more active and improve student engagement.
  • Customisable – Easily customised with different branding making it a great addition for brand activations. There is also the opportunity to develop bespoke games suitable for different environments.

Product Specification

  • Ludus sensors and sensor frame in a choice of colours
  • 4m x 2.5m interactive play area (16:10 aspect ratio)
  • Ludus processor and audio system
  • Projector(projector mount and protective housing) or custom build LED wall
  • All cables and consumables
  • Full installation for projection (1 day) indoor LED (2 days), outdoor LED (3 days)

Ludus Interactive Wall