Lighting can change the way a space looks and can influence the way a customer feels.

Key benefits

Lighting can fundamentally alter the way a space looks and subsequently the way customers feel. By having adaptable lighting, you can easily alter a space and even create different zones within a space. Great lighting helps with an illusion of space, so can make an area feel bigger, or more intimate. Lighting is great for setting the mood, so you can choose to have a more energetic or more relaxed atmosphere. Controlling lighting has never been easier, with traditional switches through to internet controlled devices, being more cost effective than ever.

Key things to consider

Firstly, consider what combination of permanent and mobile lights you would like. Permanent lighting needs to be worked into the structural design and can be purely functional or highly decorative. Mobile lighting can be freestanding or placed on a shelf and can be moved around as needed. Consider the brightness of your lighting and how this fits in with the atmosphere you want to create. You should also think about whether you will need to be able to control the brightness and colour of your lighting.


The design of a lighting system is intrinsically linked to functionality. Lighting must be designed in such a way that it looks good when the lights are on, and when they are off. The design can be done in such a way as to make a feature of the lights or to make them discreet. Lighting doesn?t have to be only ceiling-mounted, it can be in walls, the floor or in the furniture. The physical location of your lighting will have a big impact on the overall design of your space.


Installation needs to be considered carefully. You do not want to put in a new ceiling, for example, only to find that it needs to be modified to allow for lighting. Take into account the power consumption of the lights and if you have sufficient infrastructure to handle it. What will the access to lighting be in case of maintenance or simply changing a bulb? Lighting controls are really important, so consider how your lights will be controlled and who do you want to allow access to them. This will inform what kind of control you need and where it should be installed.

Our experts say

Lighting is a hugely important element when creating a retail, restaurant or bar space that will leave a lasting impression upon visitors.