AV Design and Integration at Jump Jersey, Les Ormes Resort

As a specialist AV technology integrator, Les Ormes Resort Jersey chose us to design, install and support innovative lighting and audio-visual systems at their new indoor activity centre, with a trampoline park, climbing walls and soft play area.


The Project Brief


As a specialist AV technology company, Les Ormes Resort, Jersey chose us to design, install and support innovative lighting and audio-visual systems at their new indoor activity centre, with a trampoline park, climbing walls and soft play area (Jump Jersey) . Designed with inspiring and highly engaging interactive play spaces packed with the latest innovative technology, the site provides visitors with a truly immersive play experience.


Les Ormes Resort invested in re-purposing this existing facility in order to attract a wider demographic of users and create a space that is packed with different activities to engage users of all ages and abilities. The new activity centre aims to give visitors access to some of the most modern leisure technology on the market.


The new activity centre had to deliver on Les Ormes Resorts vision to provide a state-of-the-art leisure facility for Jersey. Priding itself on creating high-energy adventure and adrenaline-fuelled action. The new facility is to benefit Les Ormes through creating various new revenue streams as well as offering the population of Jersey and visitors to the resort the chance to engage in activities not previously accessible. It offers something for everyone and will help Les Ormes Resort continue to attract new customers.


Project Delivery


Our project delivery involved consultancy work on various aspects of the facility to ensure that our designs and systems met the expectations of the Les Ormes Resort team. With this being the largest activity centre in Jersey the scope of the project was significant. Our focus was on creating effects lighting for the trampoline park and climbing centre as well as leader boards, timing systems and an interactive fog blast machine for a ninja warrior course.

Lighting Design


The lighting design was created to compliment the activities on offer within the centre; various high-energy lighting shows were designed to enhance the atmosphere. We also incorporated a DMX controller to make changing the light shows at the touch of a button.


The lighting design included:


  • Ceiling wash lighting
  • High powered moving head lights
  • Custom glass globo light
  • Multi-lens laser effects lighting
  • LED baton lights (for the ninja warrior course)
  • Cob washes lighting (for the climbing walls)
  • Hazers (to accentuate moving head lighting)
  • Wall mounted lighting processor (Enabling the lighting display to be changed at the click of a button)

Zoned Audio System


For the audio design we considered the different uses of individual areas within the activity centre. We decided to implement a fully zoned audio system solution, that enables the Les Ormes team to independently control the volume of speakers and audio effects in the different areas of the activity centre.


We also thought carefully about the placement of speakers throughout the centre to ensure a full spread of sound.


The activity centre was equipped with the following audio systems:


  • Loud speakers
  • Ceiling recessed speakers
  • Wall mounted speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Paging microphone
  • Aerobics headset system for fitness classes
  • Zonal mixer/processors
  • Wall mounted volume controls
  • Central equipment rack

Digital Signage


Within the design we incorporated a digital signage solution. We recommended 1080P ultra bright, 450 cd/m2 displays that are designed for 24/7 usage, equipped with an integrated android media player, with the ability to easily upload content via USB or a cloud-based portal. The digital signage displays give the centre the ability to show promotional videos as well as training, safety briefings, and can be used as menus for the cafeteria.


Ninja Warrior Course Leader-board and Effects


Various elements were installed to add excitement and competition to the Ninja Warrior course. Timers, a leader board, lighting effects, traffic light system and a vertical fog blast machine where integrated into the design.


At the start of the route the traffic light system is used to control the usage of the course and time users. This is controlled by two buttons at the start and end of the course; with a green light signalling the course is clear to start and a red light signalling the course is in use. The start of the run is also be accompanied by a sound effects alarm. Throughout the course, LED battons attached to trussing create various stimulating lighting effects. The end of the run is signified with a fog blast as the participant hits the finish button. There is then a touch screen showing the time of the run on a touch display with the ability for participants to enter their name to go onto the leader board.


Cyber Tower and Leader-board


The Cyber Tower forms part of the climbing wall area of the activity centre. We designed and integrated a leader-board system for this to enable people to compete and encourage participants to keep coming back to beat their own score.


Trampoline Park Radio


Trampoline park radio provides the activity centre with a remotely controlled audio solution that updates with the latest chart music on a frequent basis.


The systems have provided Les Ormes Resort, Jump Jersey activity centre with a fantastic venue for visitors to enjoy. The systems have been integrated with ease of use in mind. Lighting and audio can easily be managed in different areas of the centre using a wall mounted control system.


Steve LaGalle, Centre Manager at Jump Jersey, was full of commendation, “Fired Up Technologies have been great to work with and I look forward to our relationship building over the coming months and years. Thanks to them, we now have an amazing effects lighting show and full park audio system. I’m a big fan of the Park Radio as well. It’s brilliant!”


You can find out more about Jump Jersey on their website https://www.lesormesjersey.co.uk/activities/jump-jersey/. If you want to find out more about how Fired Up Technologies can help you with any of your audio-visual needs then please get in touch with us, at sales@fireduptech.co.uk or call us on 01484 766 670.