Interactive Theming

Interactive Theming will help you amaze, excite and retain visitors. In an increasingly competitive environment there are huge benefits to enhancing guest experience, improving visitor retention and customer acquisition.

Les Ormes Interactive Theming

Key benefits

Interactive theming enhances an environment and is a major contributor to the very reason for visiting in the first place. Interactive theming helps bring a space to life by using clever design and technology to engage and excite users through multi-sensory experiences. Theme Parks and Family Entertainment Centres can benefit from interactive theming making visits more memorable and making dwell time more entertaining.

Key things to consider

When it comes to interactive theming it?s important to firstly think about what’s possible in the given environment, that will help create engagement and drive commercial results. We work with various creative theming companies to help them discover the possibilities and technology on offer that can help them deliver their creative concepts.

Our solutions

We have worked on various projects creating interactive theming solutions, taking clients concepts and developing them into reality. Interactive theming solutions can be subtle or can become the focal point of the design of an environment. Environment, space and budget are important elements when creating themed interactive solutions. How visitors will interact with your solution is an important factor, as this will determine the technology required and design.

We have developed a variety of solutions using different technology and design, ranging from viking fog projections to cartoon themed batak games to simple lever pull audio solutions using themed props. Our interactive systems can have several different functions and can be made suitable for any location.

Our experts say

Interactive Theming can help make you attraction leave that all important lasting impressions and helping you deliver better visitors experience by keeping visitors entertained and engaged.