Interactive Ball Pool

Product Description

The Interactive Ball Pool has been designed to upgrade family entertainment centres and help them turn outdated traditional Ball Pool spaces into a highly engaging multi-sensory play environment.

Key benefits

  • Makes Play Interactive ? A padded box placed inside the Ball Pool enables children to change the colour of lighting as they play, delivering a truly interactive experience.
  • Easily Retrofitted ? The Interactive Ball Pool can be fitted into any existing or new space
  • Cost Effective ? Extremely cost effective solution to re-imagine Soft Play Centre and Family Entertainment Centres
  • Easily Customisable ? Elements of the product, such as the lighting effects, colour & audio effects can be bespoke to make each installation unique.

Product Specification

  • Interactive Ball Pool sensors, LED lighting and interactive audio
  • All required cables and consumables
  • Retrofitted into existing ball pool (1 day installation)
  • Full solution available including ball pool frame and structure (3 day installation)

Interactive Ball Pool