The kind of audio you will need can vary greatly depending on the functionality required. There is a huge range of audio products on the market and so it can seem a little daunting, but the right solution can be found.

Key benefits

Good audio can enhance an environment or can be the very reason for visiting in the first place. Background audio in a retail space makes for a more pleasurable experience and so encourages people to spend more time. A bar can benefit from having an impressive audio system that can become the very reason for customers to visit. Audio systems can be used to inform, entertain and engage with your customers.

Key things to consider

As with all things tech, arriving at the right audio solution for you should start with what you want the end result to be. Maybe you want background audio, or the audio is the main event, or maybe your audio will need to be multi-functional. You might have the same audio in all areas, or possibly different audio in more than one area at the same time. Consider how you will connect to your audio system. HDMI, USB, internet and bluetooth are just some of the different ways you may need to connect. It is also important to consider who will have access to your audio controls and where these controls should be situated. Extra power and internet connections may be required, so think about how that will be achieved and if there will be additional costs. Get some expert advice to make sure you get the best solution for your needs.


Audio systems can be integrated to have minimal impact or can form part of the design of your space. Colour, size and the power output of your audio will all feed into your design. As well as the physical look of your final design, you need to consider all the hidden design elements. How power and input will be delivered to your audio needs careful consideration, as this can affect the overall design. If designing a room from scratch, the audio can be incorporated into the design, but if you are changing or adding audio, you need to be aware of any physical restrictions. . All issues can be overcome, but get some advice if you are unsure as to how to achieve your vision.


Once you have decided on the design and functionality you would like for your audio, you need to consider the installation. The acoustics of the room need to be considered when choosing an audio system, as the same system can sound very different in a different space. Buildings themselves can affect installation, for example, listed buildings will have restrictions on what can and cannot be attached to walls and ceilings. Be aware of where cabling will be routed to and from, or whether a wireless solution should be used instead. Wireless audio transmission can be affected by thick walls or interference from other electronic devices, so installation location needs to be considered. Audio systems can have several different inputs and outputs and so a control system for this would need to be installed in a convenient location.

Our experts say

The correct commercial audio system for your retail store, restaurant or bar will help not only entertain but retains customers, improve employee morale and act as an extension of your brand.