Ludus Interactive Launch New Games & Gaming Modes

Ludus Interactive Wall Launches New Games and Gaming Modes

Ludus Interactive Wall – Play, Gaming, Sports & Training

Ludus Interactive Wall turns any wall into a highly engaging and active gaming platform. Ludus Interactive’s user interface and user experience have just been updated in the latest software release, giving players a raft of new multiplayer, versus mode and solo game options as well as enhanced game play effects and combinations. The new software updated also coincides with the release of three new games onto the Ludus Interactive Wall: Vortex, The Deep, Football & Tennis adding to its existing suite of active, educational and sports specific training games and applications. The Ludus Interactive Wall provides an innovative solution for various facilities from, helping engage in people of all ages and skill levels in educational, physical and sports training activity.

Future Proof Your Facility

The latest Ludus Interactive Wall has been received with great positivity from existing customers and players. Who wouldn’t want to Future Proof their facility to stay ahead of the curve in a digitally native world? The Ludus Interactive Wall offers a credible solution. This platform comes with everything you need to re-invigorate your family entertainment centre or increase engagement in the classroom.

  • Industry Grade Professional Hardware
  • Innovative and Engaging Gaming, Educational and Training Platform
  • Software Updates Continuously Supplying Enhanced User Experience and New Games, Educational and Training Applications
  • Ludus Interactive Wall Support Service

Ludus Interactive Wall – Worth the Investment

The Ludus Interactive Wall is a prime example of a digital attraction that helps engage people in physical activity and fun with high repeatability.

In short, the major benefits of the Ludus Interactive Wall are:

  • Helps get people active
  • Encourage customer retention and increases dwell time
  • Attracts new customers

These benefits are made possible by the Ludus Interactive Walls:

  • Immersive and motivating games
  • Regular software updates and games releases
  • Social Game Modes
  • Sport Specific Training

The Ludus Interactive Wall is a highly engaging interaction that will help retain visitors due to its high repeatability, which is ensured by constant design, game play and game updates.

Highly engaging play is achieved continually through the development of new games and training applications. The games updates are uploaded automatically make sure there is always a new game being added to the existing suite.

Jenny Parker of Eureka The National Children’s Museum was happy to comment that last summer;

“Having the Interactive Gaming Wall here for the Summer has been a fantastic addition to our events programme. Our family visitors have absolutely loved playing on it, and it has engaged children and adults of all ages and abilities. Our staff have also really enjoyed it, and many have asked if we could have it here permanently!

Working with audio visual consultants Fired Up Technologies has been a pleasure and it would be great to collaborate further to bring more up to date interactive technologies to enhance our already embedded learning through play offer.”

Making sure visitors of all ages and skill levels are bound to come back again and again is essential for family entertainment and leisure business, the Ludus Interactive Wall helps ensure this.