Adapting to work after a worldwide pandemic hasn’t exactly been straightforward. Whilst a good majority of us have gotten used to working remotely in our pads with our pj’s on… that possibility hasn’t remained for everyone. What were once interactive elements of day-to-day life have become that bit more difficult.

It’s fair to say that we’ve all become accustomed to sanitiser and social distancing, and the workplace is no exception to this. We’ve had to adapt with hands-free, germ-free solutions. Whilst presentations and conferences were once associated with crowded spaces and close communication, things have had to change. Thankfully, we’ve been able to offer the perfect alternative to a hands-on approach.

Wireless presentations ensure that your company can commit and register vital information, with touch only necessary when it comes to your own device’s  use, whatever that device may be. It doesn’t stop there though, because wireless tech offers endless possibilities… from conferencing calls to desktop apps with a difference (you can easily use software such as Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Go To Meeting, Skype, Slack and more).

The step-by-step process is unbelievably simple, and our team are more than happy to help if you choose to go ahead. Here’s how things usually go with wireless:

  1. Walk into your meeting room
  2. Wirelessly mirror your device’s screen to the display
  3. Launch the app you plan to use for your next video meeting
  4. In the app settings, choose to use the rooms’ camera, microphone and speakers
  5. Get on with what you do best

Wireless presentations ensure that your company can commit and register vital information.

94% of businesses say that video conferencing increases productivity, so it’s crucial that you don’t miss the mark when it comes to this modern method of virtual meet-ups.

The benefits don’t stop there either. There’s plenty of convenient advantages when it comes to wireless presentations that could make all the difference within your company:

No need to be an IT expert: As seen above, wireless presentation systems come with the added bonus of an incredibly easy set-up. It takes just a few quick clicks to access your work, which could save you an impressive amount of time and even cost.

Declutters conference rooms: The presentation process can often be messier than you realise, distracting not only yourself but your audience. It can add an overall unprofessional appearance that’s worth avoiding at all costs; with loose wires and papers creating unorganised chaos. With wireless, you can lead with confidence and stay reassured that your peers will be focusing on you.

Encourages collaboration between attendees: Though you might imagine wireless solutions to be less interactive, this definitely isn’t the case. With the option of multiple presenter options and screen sharing to participants from diverse, remote locations, you’re almost encouraged to collaborate. It’s an incredibly efficient method of team work.

You’ve really got nothing to lose when it comes to cutting loose wires out of your presentations. If you’d like more information on services that we’re able to offer you, we’d love for you to get in touch with us- we can even give you your own personal  demonstration via video call.