For many businesses, closing and sending everyone home is not an option and so early detection of raised temperatures can help to ensure safety of visitors and employees.

In light of current events we have received lots of requests for more information in regards to thermal imaging cameras as thermal imaging can help identify those who may have a raised temperature upon arrival.

In these unprecedented times every effort needs to be made to keep anyone working through the height of the virus safe as well as future proofing your customer care in relation to the virus.

Airports have been using thermal camera technology since the SARS outbreak in 2002 and 2003 and have continued to do so today as standard, the thermal imaging camera systems are a more useful early warning system and preferable to checking each person individually with a hand held device.

The devices are just like regular cameras, except that instead of recording like a normal video camera these cameras track heat. They can even work in the dark. Recordings from these cameras show up on video screens with hotter objects looking brighter. The systems are very sensitive, measuring temperatures down to a fraction of a degree Fahrenheit.

It is important to explain that these thermal cameras DON’T pick up specific virus’s or fevers they JUST show up anyone that is giving off a hotter trace than everyone else. It might be that the person has just had a hot drink or has been running because they are late so further enquiry and for instance a second temperature reading after a short period of time is needed to double check the initial reading, but as an early indicator for groups of people passing at once these cameras are great at keeping the flow of people moving and providing an extra layer of confidence for your visitors.

The system just needs 1 person watching the monitor and any person showing hotter than the norm can be identified easily and quickly for further examination. These systems are great for blending in as the flow of people is un-interrupted and therefore have minimum impact on movement and ease of access

Any business or education institution, places of worship, doctors, dentists etc etc, leisure centres and anywhere people need to congregate en masse and use facilities these are ideal for giving the market the confidence to return to daily routines and indeed chose your location to spend time in.

For more information about thermal imaging technologies please just get in touch with us on 01484 766 670 or via email info@fireduptech.co.uk