Ever since COVID-19 changed the world as we know it, video conferencing has become a familiar concept to the majority of the nation’s population.

‘Zoom’, and ‘Teams’ applications became a part of the everyday routine for those working remotely, and whilst for the most part they became a useful and practical method for online working, the new conference craze led a lot of organisations away from the vendors they were so used to previously using.

Having spent large sums of money on video conferencing room systems from vendors such as Cisco, Tandberg, POLY, LifeSize and MiteI (all of which use H.323 and/or SIP protocols), those organisations realised that their room systems were not compatible with the myriad of emerging cloud service providers.

Today, many organisations are at a loss to know what best to do with what might now be considered ‘legacy room systems’. The appeal of these newer cloud applications has made it tempting for businesses to consider replacing them – but many organisations have suffered during the pandemic and so capital spending is often under restraint.

However, there really is no need to throw away these ‘legacy room systems’ just now as there is still plenty of use left in them – take a look below.

  • Old ‘legacy room systems’ can now join video calls with these new cloud platforms – all without significant change to your workflow.
  • You are able to extract a full return on investment from those ‘legacy room systems’.
  • You could carry on using your existing ‘legacy room systems’ until the end of their useful life or until you can replace them within a planned upgrade project.
  • Only once these ‘legacy room systems’ begin to fail you could choose to replace them with Teams or Zoom room systems.

At Fired Up Technologies, we offer expert advice on video conferencing systems, so that you can keep consistent contact and maintain business professionalism with your clients, your colleagues and your suppliers in not only an easy and accessible way, but also a much more eco-friendly process.

We recognise that due to worldwide problems brought about by the pandemic, many businesses have been left in difficult economic situations. By revisiting older and possibly forgotten systems, you could save more than just hassle.

If you’d like additional information on how to get the best use out of your existing systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch.