We enable businesses to harness the latest
interactive and audio visual technologies

Our expertise is spread across three business areas; Leisure & Active, Retail & Hospitality and Business & Education.

Audio visual setup for leisure
We combine sports, exercise and fun with interactive technologies to create unique attractions for leisure operators, visitor attractions and family entertainment centres.

Leisure & Active

We help shape retail and hospitality environments: using the latest audio-visual and interactive technologies to create destinations that leave a lasting impression.

Retail & Hospitality

We work with businesses and education establishments; utilising audio-visual technology to enhance service delivery, productivity and engagement.

Business & Education

Your journey with us

Audio Visual Equipment Suppliers

At Fired Up Technologies we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your goals, ideas and plans are developed, and come to fruition, in a professional, innovative and cost-effective way.

We provide a comprehensive AV service, including consultancy; from initial ideas to final design; hardware supply, installation, training and technical support.

Audio-visual Equipment Suppliers

As audio-visual equipment suppliers, our primary goal is to supply fit-for-purpose AV equipment.

Sizing and specifying the right audio-visual equipment is something we have a great deal of experience with across all sectors.

We supply AV equipment to the education, business, retail, hospitality, leisure, fitness and entertainment industries, among others.

We are not concerned with selling any particular brand based on how much profit we make on a sale. We are only concerned with finding the right solution.

We base our product recommendations on your performance and budgetary requirements, and we always find the right AV solution.

So, if you want advice from helpful and unbiased audio-visual equipment suppliers, choose us. Our AV professionals are always here to help.

Audio-visual Design Consultant

For high-end, business-critical audio-visual systems, our audio-visual design consultants offer a comprehensive solution.

We can consult on upgrades and improvements to your existing AV systems, and we offer a complete AV design and installation service.

We also have many customers who need temporary AV installations. We consult with them to design systems for tours and live events.

Hundreds of businesses trust our audio-visual consultants because of our expertise and track record for designing great AV systems.

We go further than most other companies because we are passionate about delivering the highest-quality audio-visual experiences.

If you choose us to consult on your audio-visual installations, you can expect sound advice, outstanding knowledge and incredible support.

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