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At Fired Up Technologies we are committed to providing innovative AV solutions that help businesses and organisations communicate and collaborate more effectively. We strive to equip our clients with the latest technology to enhance their operations and increase productivity. We provide AV solutions in the following sectors.

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Fired Up Technologies understands the importance of providing audio visual solutions that meet the growing competitive demands of the corporate world. We recognise the challenges that businesses face as they strive to enhance performance, increase productivity, and explore new opportunities. With this in mind, we offer a range of audio visual solutions tailored to organisations’ specific needs. By making use of our video conferencing systems and high quality digital signage which incorporates real-time video and voice and data sources, we help businesses connect with partners and clients. Our priority is to make your company ‘seen’ and ‘heard’!

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At Fired Up Technologies we recognise the dynamic changes taking place in educational and training institutions. Audio visual technology is now an integral part of the teaching and learning environment in schools, colleges and universities. There is no doubt that interactive solutions help to enrich and enliven students’ learning experiences. At Fired Up Technologies we understand that educational institutions have to provide interactive learning tools within budget. It is for this reason we are able to offer customised & innovative technological solutions that enhance teaching and maximise learning within a range of educational settings.

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As the leisure industry continues to grow and diversify innovative audio solutions are becoming increasingly valuable to enhance consumers’ experiences. At Fired Up Technologies we have extensive experience of working within the leisure sector; we have developed unique audio visual solutions, helping organisations not only to entertain and retain their customers, but also to strengthen and develop their brand. We install state-of-the art technology into a range of leisure settings, for example: sports / leisure centres, health clubs, and swimming pools - providing high quality entertainment and training systems for both the active and social areas. We provide a full sound and lighting package for entertainment venues, including Play Gyms, Theme Parks, Bowling Alleys and Trampoline Parks. Our digital signage solutions have also proved popular within these environments, enhancing communication with customers and providing new advertising opportunities. In addition, Fired Up Technologies is proud to be the UK’s sole distributor of Prismatic Explosion, a revolutionary technology which brings cutting edge interactivity to Trampoline Parks.

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Public Services are operating under stringent financial constraints, but at the same time are expected to provide high quality services that are effective and efficient for their clients. Consequently, Fired Up Technologies work hand-in-hand with public organisations, helping to develop technological solutions to enhance communication, advance information and presentation systems, and unify operations in a manner that is specific to each individual business and cost effective. Our collaborative working relationship ensures that requirements and systems are met and provided within budget.

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The world of retail has changed considerably over recent years. Retail organisations need to engage customers with more than just shelves of products. Innovative AV solutions have helped to create dynamic and interactive environments that enhance selling. At Fired Up Technologies we recognise the importance of bespoke solutions for retailers; we provide everything from digital signage, touchscreens, LED displays, through to point of sale systems to enhance customer experiences and facilitate business operations.
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