Whether you are looking for a new audio system in your gym, or a complete window shaker for your venue, we cover it all, stress free. Not only do we provide excellent customer service at point of sale and installation, we also have a dedicated team of aftercare specialists who can assist you with any technical issues you may encounter. You will find our sound installations cutting edge and crystal clear. We are an an AV integrator who understand the physics of sound.


Using the best manufactured products, we provide a high-quality lighting solution to match both your requirements and budget. From LEDS to Moving Heads to Hazers, we guarantee to make your project exciting, unique and exceeding your imagination. 


We source and supply industry leading displays, focusing on both quality and budget. We use displays from world leading manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and NEC, and we supply them at some of the nations best prices. All of our displays are warranted for business times and environmental requirements, ensuring longevity and ease of warranty fulfillment in the likely event that something should go wrong.  Our installations are clean and invisible, letting you focus on what's important.


We provide projection for videos, presentations and educational material, as well as interactive projection and mirrorhead projection for that awe inspiring edge and practical utilisation.  Our projection systems are designed and built from the ground up. You will find them very exciting, unique and intuitive!

Digital Signage & IPTV

Our bespoke digital signage and IPTV systems help you be seen, drive sales, cut down costs, and improve the ease of advertising your business. We provide and install signage displays only from industry leading vendors, all of which are warranted for your precise business needs, which cuts down costs and increases peace of mind. Ease of use and clarity is the main driving force for Fired up technologies digital signage systems. IPTV is a way of displaying broadcasts and advertisement content in a wide-scale manor, it's primary focus being the cutting down of costs. We design every element of your IPTV system and can create custom content for your business. In today's modern day, digital advertisement is the most effective way to 'get the word out', we whole-heartedly understand this and strive to make our clients digital signage systems the most effective available. 

Transparent Displays & Coolers

We realised our transparent display technology is as awe inspiring as we first thought when we brought one of our transparent signage coolers to the Buy Yorkshire event in 2017. The feedback and B-lined footfall was staggering. We estimate that in less than 10 years almost all high street stores will feature this game changing transparent display technology. With this in mind we are in unified agree that our Digital Signage Cooler is very much a foundation to the future.  This is an absolute must have for any serious store, the possibilities are endless and the wow factor does exactly what it should - sell your products. The system makes advertisement much more effective as it brings the excitement back for the consumer,  it is also much cheaper year on year than traditional marketing methods. Not only is the technology exciting, it is also smart,  featuring cloud management, wireless networking, full HD subversiveness, and an array of logistical sensors. Transparent display technology is not only inspiring and future proof, but also cost effective.

Wireless Presentation Gateways

Wireless presentation gateways have come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years, with high tech compression and cross platform compatibility, there is no reason that utilising one should be a pain. We still see day in day out wireless presentation systems that are sub par, do not stream at high enough bit-rates, and that aren't compatible with multiple devices. We have field tested a multitude of devices and now have vast experience in combining the perfect systems with their perfect companions. You will find our wireless presentation gateways to be simple to use, effective, and incredibly reliable. Our installations are quick, flush and clean, letting you get on with what you do best.

Interactive Technologies

Our interactive technologies are what make us Fired up, and they are what make us proud. We design new solutions from the ground up and make them come to life. They put a smile on our customers faces on a daily basis, and this keeps us doing what we do best. We implement interactive projection systems, laser mazes,  interactive ball walls, interactive climbing walls, interactive floors, interactive sound and lighting solutions, and gaming systems. The beauty of our interactive solutions is the bespokeness and individuality, harnessing imagination makes us incredibly proud.

Control Systems

Our control systems are custom designed and built to make your job and life easier. Countless man hours are wasted by businesses every single year, on tasks that could be handled at the push of a button. Our control systems can be designed to perform an endless list of jobs, from opening and closing your blinds at set times, to turning on your projectors, to controlling your heating system. 
We also custom design control systems for the leisure industry, the end product being intelligent, bespoke interactivity.

Video & Audio Conferencing

You will find our conferencing solutions to be invisible, crystal clear, and seamless to use. We understand the importance of a conferencing solution to 'just work' and we design them to do exactly that. Our solutions are powerful yet invisible.  We strive to build our solutions to make your work life easier, not more complicated.  2 minute wireless setup with absolutely nothing to plug in. Crystal clear video and sound just as you intended.

Video Walls

Our video walls help you stand out and get the message across. From cascading display walls to large LED boards, we have the solution to suit your needs. Video walls are designed to make everyone see your message, with this in mind we develop some of the industries leading displays. budget, efficiency and reliability are always in mind. Whether you need real time information in a precise format, or for potential customers to see your message from the flyover, we have you covered.


Our CCTV systems are designed to be 100% secure whilst maintaining the aesthetics of your establishment. We design and build within precise thresholds to ensure maximum security whilst maintaining minimum cost.  We only implement units from world leading, tested and approved manufacturers. Security installation is often left as an afterthought, but in our opinion, it is one of the most important aspects of AV integration.

Room Booking

Our room booking systems help keep your business running smoothly and your staff in the loop. Scheduling meetings and informing your staff  is as simple as the push of a button on an intuitive panel. Combined with Fired up Technologies control systems our clients can set the meeting room up at the push of a button also. We have room booking systems that work over POE, and panels that utilize E-ink and WiFi - no cabling is required and they only need charging every 3 months. Combining our conferencing, control, and room booking systems gives your corporation a 'bulletproof' meeting solution, with no fuss. It's time to stop wasting time on setting up!


Our EPOS systems are designed to be durable, reliable, and quick to navigate and use. We cover all corners from the line install to the final commissioning. We offer remote assistance with all our tills to ensure you never miss a penny.

Interactive Touch Screens

We supply and install interactive touchscreens to suit any purpose and sector.  We source screens from the leading manufacturers and thoroughly field test them before adding them to our product line. There are a multitude of ingenious, business improving  uses for interactive touchscreens, many of which you possibly never imagined. We help you invision these uses and show you how to improve your workflow with interactive technology. Fluency is the key.

Visitor Registration

Your visitor registration system is much more than it looks on the surface. Not only does it help you keep track of your visitors and foot fall, but it becomes an exceptionally powerful marketing tool from the word go. It is essential for your visitors to register their presence, if this opportunity is used correctly you have powerful organic reach at your fingertips. The idea is to give your visitors more than they asked for from the moment they arrive, which makes you look like customer service gurus but also benefits your business massively. Our systems give you a bridge to your customer even after they leave. Combining visitor registration with our RFID solutions generates a new way to handle business for you, and an exiting, seamless experience for your customers.

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